The quality of the artwork we receive will directly impact the quality of the Laser Engraving or High-Definition Sublimation Printing finished product.

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is capable of reproducing very high-quality graphic images onto your product. A high-quality product begins with high-quality artwork!

Ideal File Formats for Laser Engraving are:

  • CorelDraw (.CDR – Vector artwork with fonts converted to curves)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.EPS – Vector artwork with fonts converted to curves)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.AI – Vector artwork with fonts converted to curves)
  • Adobe Acrobat ( .PDF – Vector artwork with fonts converted to curves)
  • Digital Photography (.JPEG/.JPG/.PNG/.PSD/.BMP – Used for Engraving Photos)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics File (.SVG – Vector graphic format widely used on the web)
  • CAD Format (.DXF – Commonly used is CAD assisted programs)

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing will reproduce the finest detail or flaw up to 1200 dpi. So having the cleanest graphic to work with from the start will yield the best results in the end! This type of printing is where you would rather have the Raster-style (JPEG) format pixel image instead of the vector artwork if you’re wanting a full-color artwork reproduced.

Ideal File Formats for Sublimation (High-Definition Printing) are:

  • CorelDraw (.CDR- Vector artwork/Bitmap)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.EPS -format depends on what is to be printed)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.AI-format depends on what is to be printed)
  • Adobe Acrobat ( .PDF – High Resolution Graphics Format)
  • Digital Photography (.JPEG/.JPG/.PNG/.PSD/.BMP)- At least 300 dpi resolution at 100%)

To Upload your Artwork:

Please note, sometimes B/W 600 dpi (JPG/PNG/TIFF) file format images are occasionally usable. If you think your artwork is sufficient, please send it for review at

Feel free to call 309-232-8614, or email us at if you are unsure about the correct file format required for your order.

What If You Don’t Have The File Type We Need?

No worries. We can convert your low-resolution files to the file type required. Sometimes it’s a simple conversion, and sometimes we have to completely redraw your logo. The charge to do this varies with the materials you provide us, but typical conversions cost between $45-140 for us to rework. We’ll review your artwork and provide you with an estimate for the work. This can be added to your product order. Generally, we’ll need an additional 2 or 3 days additional to process the file conversion. After we’ve completed the conversion, you will own the new digital vector art file for other graphical uses in the future.

Set up Charges:

Properly labeled artwork supplied in the ideal mentioned formats will minimize set up charges. You will be notified by us if additional work to correct or rebuild your artwork by our own in-house art department is required in order to complete your order. The rate for artwork is $60 per hour billed at a minimum of 1/4 hr increments($15/30/45/60).

Submitting Copy for Engraving

Files for engraving that contain just text can be part of an email or attachment in PDF, Word, Excel. To reduce the chances of error and maintain efficiency we will not accept Fax or any handwritten submissions. Ideally, the text should be typed and proofread before submitting it to us. We will try to spot any errors, but we cannot be responsible for errors for any copy that you submit to us for engraving. Be sure to have someone proof your text: especially people’s names and dates.

Reproduction Rights:

Customer warrants and represents to KRIOS ENGRAVING which operates under the names: KRIOS ENGRAVING, that he/she is lawfully entitled to reproduce and copy the pictures, logos or artwork ordered and has full authority to authorize us to reproduce and copy such pictures and artwork. The customer will indemnify and save harmless KRIOS ENGRAVING against any claims, actions, and damages, and for any expenses connected therewith, arising out of reproductions and copying of such pictures or artwork or any parts thereof. Artwork, separations, dies, plates, film, and molds made by KRIOS ENGRAVING shall at all times remain the sole and exclusive property of KRIOS ENGRAVING for the exclusive use of the customer.

Artwork: Vector Vs. Raster based images

The artwork is preferred in vector-based images for Laser Engraving (line drawings – .cdr, .eps) as opposed to raster-based (bitmap/jpeg) images. While the shape and color of a bitmap image appear smooth from a distance, when viewed up close you can see the tiny individual squares and dots (pixels) that make up the image. Vector drawings are made up of objects, consisting of smooth lines and continuous colors, and are resolution-independent. When viewed up close or from a distance, vector drawings appear as smooth clean lines and edges. Vector images are easily scalable.

Incompatible file formats for Graphics include:

Word (.doc), Powerpoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), .png, .bmp, .gif and .jpg (low resolution files from Websites). Do not rename original bitmap files as .eps, ai, or .cdr. as these will not work.

Laser Engraving Graphic Examples

Artwork requirements for Laser Engraving are as follows:

Vector-based format files (made of lines and curves).

  • EPS (encapsulated postscript), AI (Adobe Illustrator) with text converted to outlines.
  • CDR (CorelDraw) – Line drawing with text converted to outlines.
  • PDF’s (Adobe Portable Document Format) may be submitted if the artwork was created in vector format with all of the fonts converted to outlines before saving as a PDF. There cannot be any embedded or linked images.
  • Solid black and white graphics only – no colors, shading or tints of grey.


While they are not our preferred format, JPEGS can be used as long as they are over 600 dpi and are the actual size to be engraved or larger.


  • Vectorized eps file
  • Vectorized eps file – Solid black & white “TM” is a minimum of 10 pt. & converted to outlines.
  • 10 pt. text converted to outlines.
  • 1 pt. line weight.

Not Acceptable

  • Grayscale jpg file – not to size & 72 dpi
  • Grayscale eps file – Contains shading “TM” is smaller than 10 pt. minimum.
  • 8pt. text (letters will break up and fill in)
  • .25 pt. line weight.

The minimum text size accepted is 10 pt. Very fine-lined text may not reproduce even at the 10 pt size minimum. the minimum weight for artwork and text is 1 pt.