Working together with our design team staff we will create a one-of-a-kind artwork that will canvas your firearm and showcase your individuality with style and flair! We take great pride in our work just as you take great care of your firearms. Your prized possession deserves only the best in engraving specialists! Krios’s attention to detail was initially inherited from the owner’s time in military service to our country. Now, that same attention and accuracy are shared in the firearms engraved at Krios!

We can engrave on almost any location on the Firearm…no need to strip the gun down for us to engrave it! We can handle it assembled as we are a registered licensed FFL Dealer! Revolvers, Shotguns, Long guns, Pistols, Wood/Polymer stocks,… you name it, we can engrave it! No concept or design too crazy or complicated gives us that challenge, we like to be tested!

BATF requirements for Manufacturer/Serial/Caliber minimum depth are .003” & 1/16” height. We will likely engrave the depth deeper unless you notify us otherwise because we find that many of our customers, later on, have the Firearm Cerakote/Duracoat/GunKote (Ceramic Paint). Krios maintains a large database of company logos, vector clip art files that are engrave-ready, therefore, avoiding the cost of re-designing your art.